CelluLaser Red Laser Pointer (Phone laser with stylus pen function) No battery required! Must be connected with Android Smart Phone

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CelluLaser, The Best Smart Phone Laser ever. 

If you have an Android phone, CelluLaser is the coolest accessory you can get for your smart phone!


No Battery require!

It must be connected with Android Smart Phone. 

 (This device is not supported by iPhone.)




  1. CelluLaser works with all Android 2.3 or later ver. of smart phone or tablet PC with OTG function.
  2. Laser pointer powered by Android system smart phone, no battery needed.
  3. Plug the micro USB connector into smart phone/tablet PC micro USB port. Then, pointer will turn on.
  4. The stylus is conveniently compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices.
  5. Small and light-weight the presenter is convenient to carry on your free keychain.


.Dimensions: 0.4 inches * 2 inches
.Weight: 7.8g
.USB interface: Micro USB 2.0
.Laser wavelength: 650nm
.Output power: less than 5mW (Class IIIa, power control under 3mW)


CelluLaser is a way to grab the attention of your audience and is always with you no matter where you are.

This is a great way to emphasize your point (no pun intended) when giving a presentation. Just remove the cap from CelluLaser, plug it into your phone/tablet PC micro USB port and you are ready to go. Always attract a lot of attention when you make your mobile phone become your presentation assistant.

No battery is required. Small, light-weight and easy to carry. CelluLaser easily attaches to your key chain and fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. It is there for you when you need it.

The integrated stylus of CelluLaser can be used on all styles of touch screen devices. CelluLaser makes typing on your touchscreen quickly, accurately & comfortably.

The CelluLaser could work with all Android 2.3 or later versions of smart phone or tablet PC with OTG function. Please make sure your device is an OTG enabled Android devices before you decide to use CelluLaser as a laser pointer.


About OTG

 OTG (USB On-the-Go) allows two USB devices to talk to each other without requiring the services of a personal computer. Part of the magic of OTG is that a host and peripheral can exchange roles if necessary. 

You can check if your device supports OTG through the following link:

OTG Support List


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