INFINITER Super NBK Red Pen Shape NO BUTTON Laser Pointer

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Super NBK
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The durable and reliable Pen style Laser Pointer is designed for simplicity and beauty. No fancy multi-color, fingerprint-proof paling finish formed one velvet color with matte satin smooth.


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  1. Definitely a high quality product! Original Designed & Made in Taiwan with a high-quality manufacturing service and outstandingly lower RMA rate than the industrial average for others made in China.
  2. Operating by Patented ON/OFF clip switching mechanism mechanically (not electronic switch) for long life. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (INCLUDED!!) which is convenient and cost effective. Very low power consumption and service time up to 40 hours.
  3. PEN STYLE. Light (47g incl. battery). Distinctive Fingerprint-proof paling finish formed one velvet color with matte satin smooth. Compact, Streamline and Elegant pen shaped design with a unique patented ON-OFF clip switch: allows activation by simply depressing the clip! Construction of solid brass for long durability. Strong and durable aircraft aluminum alloy body (NOT the cheaper plactic).
  4. A must have. Idea for Classroom/Business Presentation, Medical professionals, Construction supervisors/Inspectors and cat/dog chase toy.
  5. Complied with the FDA Laser safety regulations and has Auto-Power-Control circuit which keeps the output power stable and won't change in any temperature.
  6. Output power: FDA Class IIIa laser, output power 1~5mW (power control under 3mW), eye safe laser product.

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