Best Laser Line Accuracy 40" VLM-650-30 Industrial 3D-Scanner Line module

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Specifically optimized for Industrial 3D scanner.

High accuracy Red Straight Line Laser, Line-width optimize at short distance (50~400mm), for Industrial high-precision barcode reader, leveling, alignment, adjusting, measuring and targeting device.


Product details

Dimensions: Ф10 x 27.1 mm (Ф0.394" x 1.067")
Wavelength : 650 nm
Output power (Center/Total) : less than 1mW / 5~20mW
Fan Angle : 60° or 90°
5 V operation voltage. 
Connection type: Lead wire
Built-in Laser Emissions indicator (LED)
Operating Temperature: +15°C ~ +30°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C



  1. Industrial 3D-Scan Red Line Laser.
  2. High contrast Gaussian line profile.
  3. Line thickness <1.2mm (60° type) at Working Range 50mm ~ 400mm.
  4. High Laser line accuracy : 4/1000(<1.6mm @400mm).
  5. This module has integrated quartz cylindrical lens, collimating lens, laser diode, and APC driver circuit.
  6. Advanced APC circuit to provide maximum stable laser output power
  7. This laser module is shipped out from Taiwan via EMS service.