Green Crosshair Laser Module with TTL Function Fan Angle 20° Uniform Line, Wavelength: 520nm, Class 1M: VLM-520-59 LPO-D20 & Class 2M: VLM-520-59 LPT-D20

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Product Specification:

Dimensions :  Ø0.39" x 1.575" (Ø10 x 40 mm)

Weight : 0.59 oz. (18±1g)

Wavelength : 515~530nm

Laser Class : 
LPO: Class 1M – less than 0.39mW.
LPT: Class 2M – less than 1mW.
(** Tested according to IEC 60825-1 regulations, laser output is measured by 7mm aperture stop at the position of 10 cm.) 

3~6 VDC operation.

Collimating Lens : Aspherical glass lens

Fan angle : 20°

Laser line length : as shown in TABLE A (Please refer to the product picture.)

Laser line width : as shown in TABLE B (Please refer to the product picture.)

Recommended working range : as shown in TABLE B (Please refer to the product picture.)

TTL modulation frequency : High ON, 0-10K Hz

Beam shape : Crosshair

Operating temp. range : -4°F ~ 140°F ( -20°C ~ +60°C) 

Housing Material : Stainless steel 

Housing Color : Silver

Potential of Housing : Insulated

Wire type : 2464 2-WIRE CABLE 26 AWG

Cable Length : 330±30mm

Mean time to failure(MTTF) at 25℃ ( 41°F ): above 10,000 hours


The newly developed crosshairs lens come with various fan angles and they produce high quality uniform crosshairs laser lines in a robust stainless housing. These crosshairs laser modules provide target aid in alignment and position task. Ideal for machine vision, patient alignment, CNC milling, chassis alignment, quality control, textile industry and printing industry. They are all come with TTL function to allow up to 10K Hz modulation frequency. They are available at 10 cm, 20 cm, 40 cm and 90 cm focus length, red & green wavelength, Class 1M and Class 2M laser class to cover within 1 meter range task.
For customized focus length, wavelength and laser power output, please directly email to for a quote.



Machine vision.
Patient alignment.

CNC milling.
Chassis alignment.
Quality control.
Textile industry.
Printing industry.

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