Infiniter LR-16 Red Laser Wireless Presenter, with page up/down function

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The Infiniter LR-16, designed with class, is the perfect match for stylish professionals !



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The Infiniter LR-16R remote presenter with red laser pointer is the only pen style laser presenter on the market.

Selected for a prestigious Industrial Design Award, the Infiniter LR-16R integrates a 2.4G RF remote controller, detachable USB receiver and laser pointer into an ergonomic, stylish metal pen body with a clip for easy carriage. Presentation control distance up to 45 feet for the room. 

Powered by two regular AAA batteries the unit will run for more than 40 hours.

The red laser pointer is powerful and visible but also eye safe and approved by the FDA for safety features.

Plug-and-play, no software required. Works flawlessly on Mac, Windows. OS supported for Window 8, Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista, OS Mac. 

Complied with the FDA Laser safety regulations and has Auto-Power-Control circuit which keeps the output power stable and won't change in any temperature. 

Output power: FDA Class IIIa laser, output power 1~5mW (power control under 3mW), eye safe laser product.


For customers live in Australia, Japan, or Europe:

We are sorry to inform you that this product is not allowed to be delivered to your country. Because the custom in Australia, Japan, or Europe will review this laser pointer and judge that this product is illegal according to the local laser safety regulations. It is not safe for you to ask us to ship out this product to your country. Because the custom will contact with you once this product is reviewed by them. 

If you still want to receive this item, we have to make a necessary adjustment of the output power to make it be less than 1mW in order to meet the relevant laser safety regulations in your country.