Quarton BR100 Bird Repellent Tool

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Repel and clear birds from long range in seconds.


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U.S. FDA approved laser product.
Europe SGS approved laser product.
Watch the video on YouTube to see its effect:

BR100 can repel and clear birds(, turkey vultures, geese, finches, robins, crows, cranes, blue rock pigeons, doves,...etc.), in seconds.

  • With easy operation and carry handheld size, it uses microchip to control two operation mode - momentary and strobe - with clear indicators.
  • Using state of art high power direct green laser diode, it has broad operating temperature range from -40°F to +149°F (-40°C to +65°C) with 10,000 hours life time.
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with robust designed and scratch-free hard anodized finish, it is a water proof product and it can work under all weather and temperature environments.
  • Low power consumption, longer product life time and wider operation temperature range compare to all others which are made from DPSS green laser.
  • Use at: Airport, Agriculture, Poultry farming, Fishing farming, Golf course, Stadium, Solar Power Plant, Recycling plants, Factory, Building.


Dimensions: 195 x 37 x41 mm ( 7.68" x 1.46" x 1.62" )
Weight: 230g±15g (8.112 ±0.53 oz.)
Wavelength(nm): 520±10nm (Green Laser Diode)
Laser Output Power: 100mW, Class IIIb
Range (Day Time): 110 yards to 1090 yards (100 meters to 1000 meters)
Range (Night Time): Above 6 miles (Above 10 km)

Operating temperature: -40°F ~ 149°F (-40°C ~ 65°C)
Operation: ON/OFF button
Water Proof: IP67

Battery Type: 2 pcs of CR123A 3V lithium batteries (Included with the package),
or, 1 pcs of 18650 rechargeable battery. (Not included)
FDA approved Class IIIb laser product

IEC 60825-1:2014 Certified Class 3B Laser Product
The product was tested according to the IEC 60825-1:2014 standard.
(Please refer to a document from SGS in the product picture.)


Please click the following link for more detail:
User Manual of BR100

If you have any question regarding the detail of the product, please call Mike Murphy (+1) 210-837-3485

Testimonials from our customer

We used the Beamshot 100 to control the number of molting geese on our 7 acre lake this past summer. The bottom line result is that in 2019, there were 75 geese resident during the molt. This year there were 15. I would recommend the Beamshot 100 as an effective tool in the control of geese.
Mike Murphy was extremely helpful in determining that the Beamshot 100 was the right tool for us to use. His customer service is outstanding and I would give him 5 of 5 stars.

Another satisfied customer:
The BR100 deters these "varmints" immediately. I am very satisfied with the laser. I have been using it 3 days now, morning (7AM EST) and evening (7 PM EST). It usually takes me about 20 minutes to remove them from the area. They continue to return each evening to the same location. I drive them further back and they do not return for the night. The next morning they show up. The laser repels them as long as the beam can trace them. These creatures have "roosted" behind my property for at least three years. My estimate would be 100 (plus or minus). There are a few baby vultures in the area as well. They don't show up until it is too light for me to hit them with the laser. As of today, it does not appear that they are going to adjust to this laser beam. I will monitor the effect over time.
As of today, I can say the BR100 is deterring these turkey vultures. Time will tell if I am going to be able to force them to another location. I think I need to "harass" the small vultures.
I have been making mental notes as to how effective the BR100 is at deterring these "nuisance turkey vultures". The answer is YES !!!
I am still in the process of trying to "remove" these creatures to another location. The leaves will be on the ground in about two weeks. Then they will be wide open. Gonna hit these idiots hard then. No leaf protection until spring.

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