Quarton Concentricity Red Laser Module (Precision Red Dot Laser Module) Class I: CLM-635-11 LPO & Class II: CLM-635-12 LPT

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Concentricity laser modules are designed for those who need to perform precision alignment task. Beam error is less than 1 mm at the distance of 30 meters with perfect circular dot. Accessories-battery pack, 3 meters USB cable and cable switch are all included in a plastic carry case.


  • Concentricity(beam point error): less than 1mm at 30 meters(10 second degree).
  • Circular beam shape, aspect ratio 1:1.
  • Class I / Class II eye safe laser product.
  • Micro USB power connector. 
  • Battery pack, USB cable, USB cable switch included.
  • Plastic carrying case.
  • Dimensions : Ø20 x 60 mm (Ø0.787" x 2.36")
  • Wavelength : 630~645 nm
  • Laser Output:
    CLM-635-11 LPO : Class I - less than 0.39mW
    CLM-635-12 LPT : Class II - less than 1mW.
  • Beam Divergence (Half Angle) : 0.15 mRad
  • 3~6 VDC operation. 
  • Connection type : Micro USB 


  • Aiming or position work.
  • Concentricity test of rotating parts.
  • Alignment of machine.
  • Straightness test for all kinds of equipment, like carriages, crabs, etc.

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