Quarton Laser Module VLM-635-04 ECONOMICAL DOT LASER, Wavelength: 635nm

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Dimensions: Ф6.55 x 21.1 mm (Ф0.258" x 0.831")

Wavelength : 635 nm

Output power : Class II – less than 1mW / Class IIIa – less than 5mW.

Beam Divergence (Half Angle) : 0.6 mRad

2.6~5 VDC operation.

Connection type: Lead wire / Spring.

Operating tempture(°C): 15°C~30°C




Economical Red Dot Laser - Low cost solution for consumer grade positioning, measuring, pointing and laser sighting device.

Wood processing.

Metal processing.

Stone processing.

Textile industry.

Food industry.

Automotive industry.

Medical science.




1.      Economical Red Dot Laser.

2.      Ideal Laser module if cost is a very important consideration.

3.      This module has integrated optic, laser diode, and APC driver circuit.

4.      APC Driver Circuit enables the Laser output power safe and constant.

5.      Aspherical plastic lens provides Dot Laser.