VLM-650-18 LPA, Ultra-Far Range Laser, Wavelength: 650 nm

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VLM-650-18 LPA_A
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Dimensions: Ф13 x 43.5 mm (Ф0.512" x 1.713")

Wavelength : 650 nm

Output power : 2.5mW, Class IIIa.

Beam Divergence: 0.2 mRad.

2.6~5 VDC operation.

Connection type: Lead wire.



Red Dot Laser-glass aspherical lens with long back focus length function to generate smallest spot at long distances. Ideal use for long distance position, targeting, professional laser sight and security monitor.

Wood processing.

Metal processing.

Stone processing.

Textile industry.

Food industry.

Automotive industry.

Medical science



  1. Ultra-Far Range Dot Laser.
  2. Diffraction Limited Lens to achieve a near-collimated Laser system, which can be sighted Ultra-Far distance range.
  3. This module has integrated optic, laser diode, and APC driver circuit.
  4. APC Driver Circuit enables the Laser output power safe and constant.
  5. Includes patented solid brass structure for the best shock resistance and better heat transfer consideration.
  6. Glass-base hybrid lens provides Ultra-Far range Dot Laser