Laser Diode Collimator Lens-Anteryon AC405,10PCS (NA:0.13, EFL:23 mm)

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Lens Material : Hybrid aspherical polymer on glass lens
Lens Diameter :
φ8.0 mm
Center Thickness : 2.5 mm
Edge Thickness : 1.87 mm
Design Wavelength : 650 nm
Clear Aperture (CA) : φ6.0 mm
Numerical Aperture (NA) : 0.13
Effective Focal Length (EFL): 23 mm (with BK7 t=0.25mm cover glass)
Back Focal Length (BFL) : 21.45 mm
Axis Wave front Error (RMS) : 0.03 λ
Field Radius : 0.5 mm
Transmittance : ≧97%
Storage Temperature : -40 to 85 ℃



  1. AC405 is the Hybrid Aspherical Polymer on Glass lens, which is diffraction limited and have low wave front aberration.
  2. Long focus length (23mm) can provide more stable optical system. AC405 is the ideal choice for collimating or focusing the light of a laser diode.


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