INFINITER ML-100 Red Line Generator (Plastic Box Ver.)

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INFINITER ML-100 Red Line Generator (Ideal for cutting works) The US Wall Mount Type Power Adapter is included ! Waterproof !


  • Used as a guideline for use in alignment, machine vision systems, construction, and process control and is ideal for most large-field cutting applications. Improved version with built-in tempered glass window and waterproof feature to be protected under all weather and sawdust damage from sawmill.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to +60 °C). Eye safe laser output.
  • Dimensions: 4.60"(L) x 2.13" (W) x 2.32" (H) ( 117 x 54 x 59 mm ). Weight: 7.05 ±0.17 ounces (200±5g). Type C connector. 100~240V AC to DC adaptor and USB Type C cable included. Compatible with cell phone charger.
  • When in heavy shock/vibration environments, users can place the rubber buffer between bottom chassis and surface. Laser line Width: less than 2mm at 4 meters. Emitting angle: more than 120°.
  • Integrated quartz cylindrical lens, collimating lens, industrial grade laser diode, and APC driver circuit. APC Driver Circuit enables the Laser output power safe and constant. ML-100 Red Laser Line Generator – ideal for large scale cutting and alignment work. Include stone, lumber, textile cutting and press brake, surface grinder, big pipe connections and tire manufacturing alignment.


The INFINITER ML-100 is a tool for professionals that enable you to project a visible red laser line, a line up to 100 feet long (at the distance of 29 feet) - suitable for large work surfaces indoor.

It can be used as a guideline in alignment, machine vision systems, construction and process control and is ideal for most large-field cutting applications. New feature: ML-100 is now waterproof!

ML-100 will save you time and increase your accuracy for many applications, such as wood cutting, stone cutting, and textile cutting.

Compact and lightweight features make it very convenient to mount the ML-100 to a worktable or a cutting machine - saving you time and money.

The adjustable housing allows for easy mounting and aiming of the highly visible red laser line.

It is easy to adjust the module housing into position so you can project the laser line angle you want.

The US Wall Mount Type Power Adapter is included!


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